Are You Lawn Lazy? 3 Basics You Must Do

There are quite a few different jobs that can be done around the house to ensure that it is looking nice and is well-maintained. One specific area that many homeowners spend time on would be lawn care. No matter the size of the lawn, there is a lot that you can do.

Depending on the time available and the level of expertise, landscaping and appropriate care is surely something that you can do yourself. If you prefer, there are definitely a good deal of reputable lawn care companies in the area that will supply great service. You can hire a company simply to do the lawn mowing or have them take care of all of the needs associated with the lawn, trees and outdoor areas around the property.

Throughout the year, there are a number of different things that really should be done to the lawn to keep it healthy. Periodicseeding will keep the lawn healthy and full. This is generally done in the beginning of the spring and again towards the end of the summertime or early in the fall. For this last seeding application, you may also want to do aeration on the soil. This will help the new grass to take root. There are hand operated tools that can do the aeration and there are also motorized pieces of equipment that you can rent for the day.

During the summertime, the most vital task would be to water the lawn sufficiently. This is essential in warmer temperatures. You should always be sure to follow any local restrictions when it comes to water usage. Watering a lawn can surely be a time consuming process. Utilizing a sprinkler service can surely help to save time. Setting up a sprinkler system is generally least complicated in new lawns as there will usually be a lot of disruption to the lawn itself. In established lawns, you should anticipate some damage to the grass and you may want to plan on re-seeding some of the disturbed areas.

Many long hours can be spent improving and sustaining the landscape of any home. This is an area of pride for a lot of homeowners. Whether you do the work yourself or hire a skilled lawn and landscaping company, it will surely look great when you concentrate on these three basic maintenance musts.

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