Durability,Low Maintenance Costs, All-weather Utility and More; Pros of Synthetic Turf Playing Fields

Over the last few decades, synthetic turf fields have become increasingly popular in Australia and across the world. From small community sports fields, school fields to professional stadia and sports arenas of international repute, synthetic turf has found great application in the sports industry. This popularity is directly attributable to the inherent benefits that come with using synthetic turf in athletic fields.

Versatility and zero recovery time

Artificial turf fields, unlike their natural turf counterparts, can endure use over an extended period. For most natural grass fields, 100 hours of use just about stretches the limit. Synthetic turf fields, on the other hand, can withstand up to 500 hours of use. The implications of this significant disparity are evident where the field may be required for several games and events as organizers will face no challenges in scheduling multiple consecutive events.

In addition, synthetic turf athletic fields have zero recovery time. After a while, the stress that comes with different events will reduce a typical natural grass field to a field of dirt. In order to avoid that, it is not uncommon to have the management schedule for events with due consideration to time allowed for recovery and preventive maintenance.

Long term savings

Labor costs for personnel to plant natural grass across long stretches of athletic fields is eliminated. Synthetic turf also requires minimal maintenance after the initial installation, further reducing costs. It also requires no fertilizer, pesticide or any other chemical inputs. Natural turf fields also require thousands of gallons of water each year to remain lush and healthy. Synthetic turf fields do not require water, which is a significant cost-saver.

All-weather use

Any time is play time with synthetic turf fields. Except for hot days, the weather has no impact on the playability of the field. Playing under wet conditions can cause field damage for natural turf fields. For artificial turf fields, however, players can enjoy the game even during rainy seasons that would have otherwise called for the cancellation of some games. Snow can also be easily removed from artificial turf fields compared to natural grass fields.

Player injury

Extensive studies over the last few years have shown that the injury risk while playing on a synthetic field is no greater than that of a natural grass field. The slip resistance and surface abrasion characteristics of the new varieties of artificial turf in the market conform to the requirements of sports federations. The consistently even surface on synthetic turf playing field also means lesser skids and tumbles which reduce chances of orthopedic injury for players.

Synthetic turf playing surfaces have some pros to them, and it therefore,comes as no surprise that it is fast catching on in various sporting scenes. Residents of Perth and its environs can now enjoy these numerous benefits that come with a quality installation at competitive rates. Artificial Grass Services supply and install artificial turf and you can get in touch for a free measure and estimate for your playground or professional sports field.

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