Make Lawn Care a Family Affair

Lawn care can bring your family together. Lawns are a fantastic place to learn about nature. The interactions of the soil, water, air and sunlight make the difference between a green lawn or one where nothing grows. Healthy lawns are a source of pride. Understanding how to attain a great lawn can even provide self-esteem.
It’s amazing how a bit of digging around in the dirt can bring the family together. Start with the soil. The soil type will determine what will grow. Just looking at your yard isn’t enough. Our eyes do not see what nutrients are present or which ones are lacking. A soil test will establish the condition of your soil.
Select the grass appropriate for your area. Grass that grows in hot regions is different from grass that gets buried under snow. Look carefully, and you will observe the various shades of green. Some grass feels soft, while other types are harsh to your bare feet.
Shady areas in yards offer challenges. Grass normally demands a minimum of four hours of sunlight. The wrong type of grass looks pathetic. You can resolve this problem by selecting a grass seed that thrives in shade. There is no rule that says you cannot grow more than one sort of grass in your yard to make it lush. Getting the family involved will demonstrate to them how thinking out of the box can resolve problems plus, it will give them an appreciation for the distinct areas of the yard.
Because your lawn has an organic cycle that follows the seasons, you can teach your kids about patience and the importance of timing. It’s natural for people to become invigorated during warm weather and make a decision to tackle projects. However, nature also teaches us restraint. For example, some projects, like seeding and fertilizing, ought to be done in cooler weather.
Sometimes, the water required for the lawn does not fall from the sky when you have to have it. Kids can learn responsibility by paying attention to the weather and watering the lawn when it’s necessary. You may choose to install a sprinkler service. This can present the perfect opportunity to educate the kids about water conservation. Sprinkler systems can be put in by the do-it-yourselfer, but it’s a big project. If you’re not up for it, or don’t feel confident enough, call a lawn care business who supplies sprinkler service.
Once you’ve tackled the grass, you may want to move on to the other parts of the yard and look into landscaping. There are a lot of opportunities for mini projects-building a retaining wall, planting a vegetable of flower garden, adding a water feature or a deck or even a gazebo. Landscaping encompasses much more than grass and provides long-lasting reminders of the hard work you all put into it. Besides getting your kids away from the television and in tune with Mother Nature, early involvement has another benefit. If you get the kids involved in lawn care from a young age, when they’re older they may not think of the mowing, raking and fertilizing as such a chore. They may in fact take pleasure in it.

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