Using Pergola Plans As A Professional Builder

One of the simplest projects that you as builder can contract for is the construction of a pergola for your client using professional pergola plans. That is simple in terms of the construction effort is concerned. The problems is having your client to decide which pergola they want. There are three basic options available to you. First, use a kit. Pergola or arbor kits come in a wide variety of designs and materials. The big benefit in making use of a kit is that everything necessary to construct the arbor is supplied, besides foundation material such as concrete. Kits are easy to sell your customer if they just wish a pedestrian type pergola.

The second way is to create from scratch employing your simple expertise of construction. Working with the client you can build an arbor that is functional and simplistic without having to resort to something elaborate. Just some elementaryconstruction background is all it takes to wing it. Four by fours for posts, 2 X 4′s for bracing and pre-fab lattice for protection. Simple, but not essentially classy. Very utilitarian.

The third way is by the use of pre-drawn pergola plans. Here the world opens up to endless possibilities of variations shapes and materials. The building becomes stricter in that you must follow the plans, but it also will allow you to do some adjustments to add your and your ‘clients’ personal touch.

One word of recommendation. Don’t roll up to your client’s home to do the estimate while driving your SUV with the fancy XXR 521 wheels . And don’t let her see your 7 inch Android tablet . She will believe your prices are too steep because she believes your tastes are high-priced. She doesn’t realize how little you paid to look so good.

In preparing to create a pergola you may need to guide your client through the decision process in plans. Something that you need to know about before you can aid them is where do they want it built? How much space is available? How tough will it be to get materials to the construction site? Are there underground utilities that will need to be taken into consideration? Why do they want a pergola anyway?
There are quite a few good reasons for wanting a pergola and those factors heavily impact what you the contractor can do. If it is just to be an item of garden yard art, that is one matter and almost anything will serve the purpose. If it is to in fact cover a walkway and supply some element of weather protection then you have an additional consideration to deal with. An additional use could be for a yard sitting area to shelter from the sun and to grow vines such as grapes upon. Assisting your client to decide which pergola plans meet their needs needs this information and helps you work with them in the decision process.

From the standpoint of the builder there is one more big plus in making use of pre-drawn pergola plans, and that is you have distinct instructions and material call outs. Some locations my demand permits even for the building of such a simple project as a pergola. having a pre-drawn set of plans permits for a smooth process of acquiring any necessary permits. For a last thought, as a contractor if you construct a pergola precisely as laid out in a set of pergola plans you minimize the chance of customer grievances and possible litigation. This surety is not offered in either a kit or a free style design pergola. Just something to think about.

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